Zune - Does NOT Play For Sure

Posted: 12/14/2007 4:53:46 AM

So I was totally stoked when I won my new Zune last night, I've been using Rhapsody for quite some time and have really enjoyed it thus far, but I was looking forward to using a device with it other than my Sansa e260. So tonight I fire up the rhapsody client app on my desktop, plug in my new Zune, and there is no "device" icon popping up in rhapsody (like there is with my Sansa). I think: oh, I wonder if I have to install the Zune software first for some bizzare driver, then the rhapsody client will be able to talk with my Zune. I install the Zune software, setup everything as necessary and then start the rhapsody client. Nothing, still. Shit. I google "Zune Plays For Sure", thinking that surely, Microsoft after spending millions of dollars coming up with PlaysForSure. But no, Zune only works with the Zune Marketplace, not even music from the MSN MUSIC STORE will play on a Zune.

Microsoft: I really am a big fan, a "fanboy" would probably be an acurate description of my opinion on your company. I know that you're going through kind of an image problem, people don't seem to be (or say at least) that they're usually satisfied with you as a company. Here is why: people have a bad experience with one of your products and that one experience colors their entire perception. It sucks to be in that position because it puts a lot of pressure to have everything be top-notch, a difficult glass to fill. I'm still a "fanboy". Your office productivity tools: Second-To-None. Your developer tools: Awesome. Your development frameworks: Magnificent. Your gaming console: Pretty Bad Ass. I know that having the best product isn't going to be possible, but for the love of God, having the Zune support PlaysForSure is a NO BRAINER. This has really left a bad taste in my mouth, I'm going gargle with some Minty Blend to get rid of it.