Nitriq Pro Is Now Totally Free!

Posted: 3/23/2011 12:24:48 PM

After a long thought processes, we've decided to make Nitriq Pro completely free!.

Just use the discount code "ANALYZEFORFREE" when checking out and Nitriq Pro will go from $39 to $0. Unlike the previous free version of Nitriq, Nitriq Pro doesn't have any feature restrictions at all. This you can analyze as many assemblies as you'd like at the same time for free.

If you've already purchased Nitriq Pro in the past year, we'll be emailing you a complementary license of Nitriq Console so you can integrate Nitriq Code Analysis into your automated build machine.

If you like Nitriq, please be sure to check out our other product - Atomiq Duplicate Code Finder.

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