Nitriq Code Analysis is Out of Beta - Free Edition Available

Posted: 3/30/2010 11:02:00 AM

Well, after a somewhat lengthy beta period, lots of downloads of Nitriq lots of feedback from users, I'm very happy to announce that Nitriq Code Analysis is now officially out of beta and is taking orders!

In addition, we have released a completely FREE Edition of Nitriq. The free developer edition is limited in two respects. First, you can only analyze a .net single assembly at a time. Second, although you can add and make changes to the queries, you won't be able to save/load them across sessions. The Free Edition of Nitriq will never expire and will ensure that developers have no excuses when it comes to improving their code.

We've also released a Console Edition of Nitriq that is meant for running on a build server. Nitriq's custom Linq to Code technology makes it simple for a tech lead to easily create and enforce rules regarding the quality of the code that is checked in before it makes it to production. There is no free version of Nitriq Console Edition.

We at Nimble Pros have spent a lot of time working on Nitriq and have created a nice set of blog posts that highlight some of the neat things you can do with Nitriq

We hope you'll download the Free Edition today and check out our Getting Started Tutorial. Please feel free to contact with any comments or questions.

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