HN Survey Charts

Posted: 8/28/2009 12:55:13 PM

I was excited to see the HN Survey Results that was posted yesterday, but was a little disappointed that Google's "Auto Summary" couldn't figure out how to do a histogram on Income, Age, Hours per Week, or Work Experience. Or maybe it can, something just wasn't setup correctly. Anyway I imported the data into excel and whipped them up. I do data visualization work for a living and might create some non-excel visualizations if there is any interest, so comment if you'd like more (it'll probably be in silverlight).

I got rid of some of the data that I deemed to be suspect. I apologize if you're the 12 year old making millions of dollars per year.

You can download the excel file that includes the charts here. The original Google auto generated charts are here.

Thanks to Dave Lyon for gathering the data.

Here are the extra charts that I created:

(Edit: Some people have noticed that the income chart doesn't look quite right, and they're correct. It is in the right order, increasing in 5K increments, but the second half of the graph has a zero clipped.)

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