Day One Traffic and Beyond

Posted: 10/14/2009 5:19:25 PM

I'd really like to run Nitriq as openly as possible and share just about all my data about traffic, sales and marketing efforts, so consider this the first post of many.

I'm pretty happy with my first day of traffic, the Nitriq website had 688 visits, 1192 page views and 34 downloads of the software. About a third of those visitors came from Hacker News (click for the specific story), and about half didn't have a referrers so I'm guessing that the link came from a twitter client click. Thanks to everyone who tweeted about the launch.

I'm pretty sure that traffic is going to be significantly lower today and for the rest of the week. The long slow march to growing traffic organically has begun. I still need to send out an email to my .Net acquaintances, so hopefully that will help traffic if I can get a blog mention here or there.

Otherwise the plan to drive traffic is to blog here about .Net topics and get referenced by and I got a lot of really good traffic on my old blog ( from these sites, but I haven't blogged there a whole lot since I started working on Nitriq. But, over the past year whenever I've thought of a good blog topic, I took 5 minutes to write the idea down in a Google Doc. So I have literally hundreds of potential blog posts waiting for me in the hopper. I'm hoping this will help keep me keep regular post schedule.

Be sure to tell all your friends about Nitriq Code Analysis.

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