CopyPasteKiller - Free Code Similarity Finder

Posted: 10/27/2009 1:10:23 PM

So I just published CopyPasteKiller, a free tool that helps .Net developers working with large code bases find all the places that another developer used the time honored practice of Copy-Paste Inheritance. Or sometimes the code base is so big that it is easy duplicate functionality without actually copying and pasting. Either way, CopyPasteKiller is a fast way to hunt down similar chunks of code so that they can be refactored.

CopyPasteKiller currently only works with C# and VB.NET code and isn't the most polished tool in the world, but it'll get the job done. I hope you find it useful, if you have any questions/comments/bugs please feel free to email me directly at

You can find the download and more details here.

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